Grace Bible Teaching On God

What Is Grace Bible Teaching?

What Is Grace Bible Teaching

Grace Bible

What is grace about and how does it pertain to God and the doctrine of the Bible? What is grace of God bible teaching? The gospel of John in the bible inspired by the Holy Spirit states that grace and truth came. In order for something or someone to come to us they must of been some other place. The reason why the bible states that grace came is because it is not just a gift or a possession or some special blessing that is handed to you but Grace is a person. Who is that person? Jesus Christ is the person of many attributes which includes unmerited favor. This grace is the very character of God. When you think about God or bible truths think in terms of relationship rather than a system of what works or not. What is grace bible teaching on God? God loves us and wants to relate to us as a person.

How did God show His Love to us? What is grace bible teaching view? God the Father sent His only Beloved Son into this world to die on a cross and pour out His soul and blood in order for all of our sins to be forgiven. After Jesus Christ died on the cross to redeem us to God He was then buried and after the third day He was resurrected from the dead and then ascended to God in Heaven and will one day return to take all who believe in Him to be with God forever. All people are born sinners and deserve to die and go to hell but Jesus Christ took all of our punishment upon Himself so we would be free from all condemnation.

Jesus Christ not only purchased our redemption so we could have eternal life but He took upon Himself at the cross all of our diseases, curses, poverty and mental anguish so we could have a great life now as well as heaven when we pass on. God wants us to have great blessings right now when we believe in Jesus Christ and the gospel that He has given us. The gospel of grace is the finished work of Jesus Christ when He died on the cross. You become a new person when you believe in Jesus Christ and God puts His Spirit within you and you will know that you are a new person as you experience a new peace that you never had before.

Grace Bible

God gives you a free gift called righteousness. This righteousness is Jesus Christ (God) and He lives in all who believe in Him. Salvation can never be earned but only received as a free gift called grace. Faith in God and what He has done for you has qualified you for eternal life and all of the blessings of the kingdom of God. Christians start out with faith in order to be saved and we continue in faith as we walk in all of the blessings of the kingdom of God. Our heavenly Father wants all of his children to be blessed with good health, financial provision, peace of mind, success in living and safety from harm. We as Christians have all of these blessings because of the cross of Christ. So we live by faith into this grace.

None of us deserve any goodness from our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ but salvation that is a free gift is what is called grace or unmerited favor. Our Heavenly Father has a great love for us because he gave up His only begotten Son to die so we could be in right relationship with him and receive His many blessings. The Father has an unconditional love for us even when we turn and go our own way at times, His love never changes. Our Heavenly Father God is always ready to receive us whenever we turn to Him and He will restore all of the blessings of the Kingdom based on His unconditional love for us and grace.

When we as Christians accept Christ as our Savior we live under Grace and not the Law that is described in the Old testament. Under the old covenant we had to live by a bunch of rules and regulations in order to receive the blessings of God but under the new covenant with live in a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father and no matter what our performance is we still receive all of the blessings of the kingdom. We no longer live by do and don't for this is bondage under the law. Because of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross we have abundance of favor that is freely given to us. Christ paid the price for us so we have eternal life and receive all of the blessings of the kingdom of God. This is Grace!